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Our product development focuses more on people than users.

Our process

The focus is always getting quality and interactive products. We focus more on people than users. From idea to launch to support, we're connected with you throughout the entire process to provide most meaningful experience possible.

Our product development process has mainly four stages.

🔭 1. Discover & decide

It all starts with business understanding & user research. We run Design Sprints to prepare concepts, high fidelity prototypes and get real user feedback. We study the insights to decide a set of features for the launch.

We prepare a detailed specification of the product which includes flowcharts, user stories, features description, and everything that needs to be developed as per the strategy.

📐 2. Design

Our UI/UX team starts with wireframing. Then we prepare the style guides for the mobile or web design - called as a design system. Our team then designs the screens/pages considering the wireframes, workflow, and design system. We make sure to cover 3 things while designing - Motivation, Ability, and a Trigger.

👨‍💻 3. Plan & develop

The Agile Methodology inspires our product development flow. First, we divide the decided features into development sprints. Each sprint takes 2 weeks generally. Then, our team executes the development process in 3 repetitive substages.

i. Code - Our development team starts work on the sprint as per the plan.

ii. Test - We perform UAT and manual testing for the quality purpose.

iii. Deploy - We deploy the developed sprint on the staging environment.

🚀 4. Test & launch

Once our team completes all the development sprints, they test the whole app or website on all the possible devices. We perform necessary load tests. And then, it's launched on the app stores or the live/beta environment for the people.

Technologies we work on


Google Cloud Platform

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